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Women and the shaping of Irish identities in Melbourne paper.

I recently gave a paper to the Melbourne Irish Studies seminar in which I explore one of the key arguments in my forthcoming book Forging Identities in the Irish World: Melbourne and Chicago, 1830-1922. That by bringing together the influences of men, women, and children, we can move away from immigrant histories that are actually about how men (and largely about adult men) articulated their experience or hope for ethnic communities, and construct a fuller understanding of how ethnic identity and cultural affinity grew, sustained, and evolved over multiple generations. Women, and particularly women religious, are key to the creation of an often unconscious foundational identity in younger generations which can then be built upon by (often male) culture brokers and ethnic associational culture in adulthood.

MISS have kindly made the recording of this talk available online via the ISAANZ website. You can also view it here:

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