Building with Feeling reading group

You are very welcome to join the new ‘Building with Feeling’ reading group in which we will discuss the intersections of Histories of Emotions and the histories of buildings/space/architecture. Please get in touch with Ed DeVane ( or Sophie Cooper ( to be added to the reading group mailing list. The Zoom link will be circulated the week of each meeting. Please get in touch if you don’t have access to the readings and we will send them to you.

We encourage participants to think about how their research connects to these ideas – feel free to recommend or share a primary source if you think it would enhance the discussion!

Wednesday 12 May, 12noon-1pm (BST)


  • Sarah Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2004), 1-19
  • Margrit Pernau, “Space and Emotions: Building to Feel,” History Compass 12, no. 7 (2014), 541-49 

Wednesday 2 June, 6-7pm (BST)


  • Joyce Davidson, Liz Bondi and Mick Smith eds., Emotional Geographies (Farnham, 2005)
  • Maria Lewicka, “Place Attachment: How far have we come in the last 40 years?”, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 31/3 (2011), 207-230

Wednesday 16 June, 12noon-1pm (BST)


  • Joseph Ben Prestel, Emotional Cities: Debates on Urban Change in Berlin and Cairo, 1860-1910 (Oxford, 2017)
  • Amy Bell, ‘Landscapes of Fear: Wartime London, 1939-1945’, Journal of British Studies, vol. 48, no.1 (Jan 2009), 153-175

(Thanks to Lucie Matthews-Jones and the History of Home Studies reading group for the inspiration!)

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